What We Do Best

Look below to see why we are a highly rated pool and spa leak locating company in south Florida


Dye Testing

We have a special way dye testing to verify leaks. Using a specially blended dye solution, our dye can trace the flow of water virtually exposing the smallest of leaks.

Expert Pipe Repair

We are experts and finding underground broken pipes.  More importantly, we will also be able to fix them once they are located. Our experience in pool design and construction enables us to quickly identify and fix the break.

Underground Pipe Location

Using the latest in electronic pipe locating equipment, we can accurately locate any leak under dirt or concrete. We find pool leaks.

Pipe Pressure Location

Using our custom made pressure gauges and techniques we can expose and find a leak anywhere in a pipe line.

Line Locating

Using tracer lines and signal beacons inside the piping system, we can track underground lines. By knowing where a line travels, can easily locate the break and the potential cause for the problem.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

One of the only pool repair companies to offer “trenchless pipe repair”, we can stop a leaking pipe without taking up the patio or digging. There is criteria for this type of repair. See if your problem qualifies and save you patio.

Underwater Repairs

To save you time and money, we attempt to fix and repair all of the leaks found underwater with our specially developed underwater materials.

Pipe Camera Borescope

Using the best underwater pipe cameras available, we can scan the inside of a pipe to locate breaks, cracks and stress points.

Broken Pipe Locating

Leaking pipes give off a distinct signal. Often called sonic or acoustic locating, our highly sensitive electronic locators can detect the leak’s signal to pinpoint its location.

Real Estate Inspections

We are one of the only competent companies that Real Estate Agents trust for inspecting a pool for a leak for their clients. The list of what we do is too long to list, so just give us a call and we will explain our time-tested method.

Hydrophone Locating

Our hydrophones are specifically developed for our needs. Using only military grade acoustics, we can find the smallest of leaks.

Detailed Reports

We provide you a detailed report with photos and a description of our findings and recommendations that makes you feel you where in the water with us. Our reports have been used for Real Estate closings, insurance information and as documentations of defects in the pool.

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